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Pop-up Case Conversion Kits
Elipse or Mini Elite pop-up cases may be converted into counters with a choice of beech or fabric wraps. Alternatively you may wish to use your own graphic.

To purchase this product either click the buy now button at the bottom of the page, which will take you through to the Paypal payment process or , if you prefer, print out this page and fax to 01737 780987 or email or telephone 01737 780789.


  • Suitable for Elipse or Mini Elite cases
  • Beech or fabric conversion wraps do not include a table top insert
  • Beech table top inserts can be bought separately
  • Fabric conversion wraps are available in Standard Loop Nylon, Prelude or Frontrunner fabrics - see colour swatch Elipse wrap dimensions: 770mm high x 1725mm wide approx (includes a 20mm overlap)
  • Mini Elite wrap dimensions: 830mm high x 1795mm wide (includes a 50mm overlap)
Price: £59.00

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